Monday, July 10, 2006

Final farewell

Zidane roams in the penalty box. Cross comes in from the right. Zidane loses two defenders and gets free. Ball comes straight to him. Zidane jumps. HEADER! Goaallllllllllllllllll! rewind rewind No Goallll. Ball goes to Buffon and is pushed out.

Zidane could have been remembered for the Header which he made at the end of his career. The most unforgettable header in history, if only it had gone in.

Oh wait! Zidane did end his career with an unforgettable header, straight into Materazzi's chest. A momentary lapse of reason? The true character of Zizou? Nobody knows, nobody will ever know.

On the other side, Zidane's gonna get a 5-match suspension or something like that. But since he's retiring today, what do they do about it? Does the suspension pass on to his son? Or imagine this... Zidane decides to come out of retirement for the next World Cup and just as he is getting ready for the first match, he is told he will serve a 7 match suspension!

Anyways, Materazzi and Jochen Keintz must be having a beer somewhere together giving hi-fives over the only common factor they share - Both have been headbutted by one of the greatest players ever.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Germany - Argentina

After Argentina lost to Germany in the penalties, a guy-friend and I were having a discussion about the match and he was bombarding the coach about his tactics of not playing Messi, substituting Riquelme and then substituting Crespo and then ending up in the penalties without a quality finisher. Three buffoons then hit the ball straight to the keeper or onto the post. We were talking midfield strategy, mid-game strategy, end-game substitutions and other such blah-blah.

A minute later, a girl-friend of mine calls up and this is the conversation we have:
She: Wow did you watch the match?
Me: Of course I did.
She: Michael Ballack is sooooooo cute no?

The other gender exists to put a different perspective on things or what?