Friday, September 03, 2010


Someone recently looked at the number 8 in my chain and asked me whether it was my lucky number. I stared at their face, thinking of the answer. Was it lucky for me? Or was I simply obsessed? Or was it all just fun?

My brain rewinded to a few years ago. I was sitting at the Vodafone Store for a post-paid connection. He gave me a bunch of numbers to choose from. None of them seemed like a sure-shot I-WANT-THIS-ONE-ONLY number, but a number ending in 88114 struck me. This is the conversation that ensued

Vodafone Dude: Saar, do you want this number?
My head: (There are two 8's in the number... should be good)
VD: Saar, can you hear me?
My head: *Nodding* (8+8+1+1+4 = 22 = 4. Nah no good)
VD: Do you want it or not?
My head: *Staring at his forehead* (8 = 8/(1+1) + 4. Wow! But too complicated) *Shakes head*
VD: Excuse me Saar
My head: (2^3, 2^3, 2^0, 2^0, 2^2. Sum of the powers 3+3+0+0+2 = 8. BINGO!!!!)
My mouth: By The Power of TWO!!!
VD: What? Do you need water?
My mouth: I'll take the number

Then I remembered how every morning I look at cars infront of me and sum up the numbers in the numberplate. The more 8 totals I see, the more I win. Dunno what I win in, but it atleast helps keep the car in front at a safe distance away.

If many seats are empty in a bus, I will always sit in row number 8.

ESPN is tuned into channel #908 in my Tata Sky.

I once used to walk steps in multiples of 8, so you would have seen me shuffling my feet after reaching my destination just to get to the nearest 8 multiple. (I stopped this since it made me look like a lunatic)

Give me any number - a door number, train berth number, roll number, your marks, your rank, your Driving License number, passport number, PAN number, any number and I can find a way to link it to 8. In some convoluted way, I will link it to 8 and feel good about it.

When did this 8 madness begin? (I have already bored most of my friends with this story.) It all began during the year '88. It was the second Monday of August. The day was my 8th birthday and the date was 8-8-'88. For a day, I was the King of the World.

But is it my 'lucky' number? I don't think so. If it were, some of the most important numbers in my life would have been direct multiples of 8 or would sum up to 8. But does it stop me from this 8 madness? No way! The number 8 is what helps bring meaning to all things in my life, in some weird way.

Faced with things good or bad, all I need to do is find the link to 8 and both the body and mind relax.