Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Winning an argument

There was time when I could win any argument. Any. Argument.

A few years ago, an arrogant guy and I had an argument that went like this:

Guy: Ragging must be made illegal. The recent deaths should be an alarm for us to set this right.
Me: Laws will not curb ragging. We should change things at the ground level. The only way to fix the ragging deaths is to put a fine on the parents of the kids who die.
Guy: What nonsense! How will that help?
Me: Have you read War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy?
Guy: No. Why?
Me: You will understand what I mean when you do.
I gave him a condescending look and walked away the winner.

A few months later, this discussion happened with an all-knowing lady.

Lady: Obama's victory is a victory for all black men.
Me: Every second, there is a black man dying somewhere.
Lady: What's your point?
Me: Only when black men stop dying can we declare success for anti-racism
Lady: Dude, that doesn't make any sense.
Me: Have you read Leo Tolstoy's War & Peace?
Lady: Yes I have
Me: Oh. Ok, do you remember Chapter 14?
Lady: Not really. I'll have to read it again.
Me: Go read that chapter. You'll understand what I mean.
The same condescending look followed by a smirk and I walked away from her.

This has gone on like this for many years till this discussion with my good friend Alok Pal happened today:

Alok: Corruption will be completely rooted out if this new Bill is passed.
Me: No chance that a Bill will stop corruption
Alok: Oh yeah? Do you have a better solution? If you don't, stop objecting to the Bill.
Me: The only way to fix corruption at the grass-root level is Guns.
Alok: Guns?
Me: Yeah. Everyone should be given guns. If someone asks you for a bribe, we can just shoot him. Complaining and taking him to court will take ages.
Alok: That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
Me: Have you read Leo Tolstoy's War & Peace?
Alok: Yes I have.
Me: Do you remember Chapter 14?
Alok: Not really, but wait.
As I looked on stunned, Alok pulled his Amazon Kindle out of the bag.

And that is why I hate these stupid e-book readers. I don't win any arguments anymore.


sliceofmylyfe said...

really funny post. enjoyed reading it till the end.. ha ha.. tolstoy... ha ha...

djd said...

Ah what a post had a very bad day and this sure did cheer me up.

amarbvp said...
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amarbvp said...

mazza agaya yaar!!!

gabbar singh's RT sent me here

Nothingman said...

haha :D good one :)

Damned e-readers.

I've not read war and peace btw, you can still win your arguments against me:)


Rajlakshmi said...

ROFL hahaha :D maybe i should use this technique :P

Christopher Poshin David said...

A friend retweeted the link and I came here mate...Nice one!


aninosaintlife said...

Interesting. I dont think i know anyone who has read 'War and Peace'.

aninosaintlife said...

Interesting. I dont think i know anyone who has read 'War and Peace'.

Senthil said...

Thank you everyone, for reading :-)

P.S. This post was featured in Blogadda's "Best blog posts from Indian Blogs"

Vikas P Goel said...

This is the best i have read in long time, but I think Guns can't solve this, check out chapter 2 of emperor of maladies before replying.

Senthil said...

@Vikas - Well played, indeed :)

Anonymous said...

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